Mine house shall be called an house of prayer for all people.  Isaiah 56:7

Our (GUMC) beginning as a house of prayer and worship for all people

A house of prayer and worship, Greenwood UMC was established in 1849, and we are in our 170th year.  Because to go forward we must know from whence we came, here’s a timeline of our church:  In 1850, we erects a frame building at the corner of Pearl and Meridian Streets. In 1887, we moved into a new brick building at the corner of Brewer and Broadway Streets. And that was our home until 1964, when we needed to move. We have grown to hundreds of families when we walked from that building to our present location, carrying our Bibles and hymnals, Baptismal bowls and water pitcher, Communion chalice, and stained glass windows.  With demographic changes, we dedicated our new building on Madison Ave, the current location in 1965.  The building was new, but our dedication to making our congregation the focal point of Christian life remained the same. We celebrate our multi-generation Greenwood families, as well as welcoming newcomers to the growing city.  Because our membership continued to increase, we found it necessary to upgrade the facility with an Education Wing, Suter Hall, Chapel, Music Room  in 1983, redesigning and modernizing  the facility to create an integrated campus to better serve our congregation well into the 21st century

Education and outreach ministries of Scout and Preschool find strength in diversity by welcoming all ethnic groups. Expanded Kitchen ministry added The Shepherd’s Table mission weekly serving warm meals for food and fellowship in Christ in 2012 and has become the robust ministry. Another benchmark in our history is welcoming thirty seven Mizo (Burmese) families in 2013. Their number has grown to over four hundred members as of date as worshiping community. 

The building itself is where the congregation is, not what the congregation is!  Our mission continues to offer people of all ages who have a desire to participate in Christian life, a warm, caring and uplifting environment in prayer and worship.  Our dedicated lay leaders give us spiritual inspiration, innovative programming, and motivation to keep Christian life an important part of our world today. May we continue to serve the generations of tomorrow!    

Serving in Christ, 

Pastor In Suk Peebles


Leadership and Staff

Paster Pebbles

Senior Pastor

Lal Ralte

Mizo (Burmese) Pastor

Preschool Staff


We consider our volunteers a valuable part of our team

Church Leadership